Updating your Visual Studio Code Password after Updating your GitLab Password

Hi developers,

As easy as it sounds it can take a lot of time looking for a command to update your Visual Studio credentials. In this post let’s look at the simple steps to take updating both GitLab and Visual Studio Code.

Step 1 : Sign in to your GitLab

Step 2 : On your profile, Click on Settings

Step 3 : On your Profile to your left, click Password

Step 4 : Change the Password, then Save

Step 5 : Once you Save your New Password, you will be logged out and the message below will show.

Step 6: Go to your Visual Studio Code, run the git command below.

Step 7: Run the git pull command

Step 8: The git pull command will force you to insert your username

Step 9: After you insert your username, enter your NEW password.

There you go! That's how you update your password on your Visual Studio Code after updating your GitLab password. Hope you find this helpful. Happy codding!



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